Number 3 Road Community Wireless Saturday 3rd August 2019 15:05:00

Technicians are investigating an outage with the Number 3 Road site.

This issue has now been fully resolved by installing a new solar controller.

Our technician is currently replacing the faulty solar controller. This will take around 15 minutes.

Service will be fully restored after this.

The new solar controller commisioned on Thursday 1st August has failed. This caused the battery circuit breaker to trip.

This meaned a loss of service to customers.

Currently this repeater site is opperating off only battery capacity until a new solar controller can be sourced and installed.

We are watching this closely.

Our technicians have isolated the fault and restored service.

No remote access is available to site as the main link connectivity is offline. Restarts of the Te Puke equipment has been completed.

Technicians are en route to diagnose.