Todd Duncan Estate & Paeroa Downs Wednesday 16th October 2019 10:11:00

The core backhaul at Ngongotaha has been effected by a cable fault.

This is causing the device to fluctuate and not maintain a stable connection to the core.

Our technician is enroute to diagnose fully and resolve.

Further updates to come.

Our technicians have advised the issue affecting services has been resolved.

If you are still experiencing issues please restart your inside modem/router before calling 0508 739 638.

A lightning protector has done its job and protected the network equipment from a ESD spike at 4:51am 16/10/2019.

Following this, the backhaul radio continued to operate relatively normally until 10:11am 16/10/2019.

The ESD effects are now effecting the lightning protector and in turn, the backhaul radio connected.

Our technician has removed the faulted protector and brought the radio backhaul into service. This is a temporary solution until a replacement protector can be installed.