3G/4G RBI Wireless Thursday 7th May 2020 09:00:00

RBI customers are experiencing a loss of service. The team are investigating with wholesale provider at this time.

Wholesale provider update: "This morning we were alerted to damage to a fibre cable near Napier, and teams are on-site. Later in the morning, third party roading contractors undertaking roadworks near Matamata cut through the same fibre cable.

These two separate fibre cuts combined have reduced the ability to reroute traffic in the area and have caused a major outage of mobile and fixed connectivity in the Central and Eastern North Island.

Our tech teams have repaired the fibre cuts and services have now restored. We apologise to any customers who were impacted by these incidents outside of our control."


A Vodafone fibre cable has been cut by third party contractors undertaking roadworks near Matamata, which is causing significant mobile & fixed networks issues in the Central North Island. Vodafone tech teams are working urgently to fix this. Apologies for any inconvenience

Wholesale provider has updated our team that a fibre cut has occured and they are working to locate the damage for repair.

No ETA has been given.